sábado, 6 de agosto de 2016

.{PSYCHO:Byts}.Manga Fair 2016

Hi cute gamers and neko lovers!
Yes! The Manga Fair is finally here 
(6th-21th August).

For this event I have created these two new exclusive items:
GameCat Backpack &  Choker Bell (Vive and Pastel Packs).

GameCat Backpack includes:
Cute Cat-Console Backpack with full HUD to change textures:
8 Base Backpacks
8 Arrows Buttons
8 Star Buttons
8 Moon Buttons
8 Cloud Buttons
8 Screens
4 Faces
10 Carabiners

All this costs 190L$

Choker Bell (Vive and Pastel Packs) includes:
Cute Neko Necklace with useful HUD to change textures:
5 Necklaces (the colors depend on the pack)
5 Chains
5 Bells

Pack cost 110L$ each