martes, 25 de octubre de 2016

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Human Skull Mask - Bloody Horror Fair

Hi cannibals and friends of  bloody!
Bloody Horror Fair is now Open!

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. is involved with these Human Skull Masks.
Each mask come with 2 options, pure & bloody and HUD to change teeths texture.
Also can be found in the pack basic black shadow on the face in layers system and applicators for:
Catwa, Omega, Slink Visage, Eve, Adam, Mayreal & Genesis Lab.

Available in four colors: Clean, Bone, Old Bone, Charred.
Material Enabled.
100L$ Each/ 350L$ Fatpack

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Hocus Pocus Prize

Hello witches and wizards!
Today starts Hocus Pocus 
(Oct 24th - Nov 4th)

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. participate with -Familiar Cat - Poison-
This is a animated mesh cat.

Would you like to know how to play?


(You don’t need the HUD to play it, but it makes it easier to TP :D)

How to Play
TP to any of the stores listed in the HUD
Say “hocus pocus” in local chat. Case sensitive, it must be “hocus pocus” (without quotation marks) or it won’t work. So no HoCuS PoCuS or HOCUS POCUS.
Depending on your magic, you may or may not get the item for free!
One chance per avatar, per 24 hours. Or you can buy the item for 50L for the duration of the event.
The minimum probability of winning is 30%. You can check the probability by looking at the bottle’s description field.
Good luck and have fun!

martes, 18 de octubre de 2016

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Candy Fair 2016

Hi Candy Lovers!
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. participates in the annual fair Candy Fair (Oct 17th-31st)
This year it the subject is "Trick-or-treat!"

What can you find?

The new and exclusive -Melted Creepers Unisex Shoes-
Include HUD to customize different 6 parts of the shoe in 8 different textures. Also bring option with melted or without it. (Fatpack includes also 2 parts more, full customizable)

They are adapted for the following types of foot:
-Belleza, Slink (male&female), TMP (only female), Maitreya and Fitted Mesh SL (male&female).

You can buy in 8 different colours or fatpack
150L$ Each/700L$ Fatpack
Gacha lover?
Do you love Ice Cream and do Evil, - IceCream Monster- gacha is for you!
In the you will find 9 objects common and 2 RAREs
4 Skull IceCreams, 4 IceCream Horns, 1 Tongue, 1 Animated Tail & 1 Animated Wings.
*Horns, Tongue, Wings & Tail comes with HUD to change textures*

50L$ per play
We all love freebies, no?
In this event you will find plenty of gifts, among them you can find this melted makeup on the lips.
Appliers for: Catwa, Omega, Slink Visage and Tattoo Layer.

Candy Fair 2016 Photography Contest

I want to take to invite you to participate 3rd Annual Candy Fair Photography Contest
"Trick-or-treat! Give me something good to eat!"

$10,500L Cash Prize
Over 5k in store credit, over 15k in gift cards, fatpack item plus items of your choice from our varies designers sponsoring.

Runner Up
$5,000L Cash Prize
Over 6k in store credit, over 7k in gift cards, plus items of your choice from our varies designers sponsoring.

Sponsored By

Bella Elephante
cubic cherry
Dilly Dolls
//elephante poses//
. Infiniti . 
Wasabi Pills
{xoxo} Poses

We are looking for creative photos including Candy/Halloween themes to help show what Candy Fair means to you! This is our 3rd year running this photography contest and we'd love to see what you can bring to the mix!

*There is no limit to the amount of photos you submit but they must be submitted between October 17th - October 29th*

*They must feature at least 3 items from this years fair from 3 different stores. If you would like to feature more than 3 that is perfectly fine to! *

*The photos do not have to be edited but you are more than welcome to edit if you'd like*

*You must include in the flickr description using the template below filled out including your name, the submission number and all the stores plus items featured from the fair in the photo.*
Full SL Name (No display names):
Submission #:
Stores/items Featured:

*You must add the photos to our photography contest flickr group. Any added to the regular fair group will not be accepted!*

We will announce the winners via social media, update group & subscriber on October 31st the last day of the fair!

We look forward to seeing all your photography and we'll see you at Candy Fair 2016!

-MelissaJeanne Flores & Rockstarroo Gossipgirl
Candy Fair Organizers