sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Gamer's Heart set XOXO Hunt

Hello Gamers!
Now is the day that begins the XOXO Hunt.
(Feb 11th - Feb 25th, 2017)

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. participates with this set, includes Headset, 
Lollipop & Necklace, and it's unisex!
Play & Love!

How it works?

Between Feb 11th – Feb 25th, 2017, TP to any of the participating creators’ store and find the golden heart.

1º Once you spot it, say ‘xoxo’ in local chat, without the quotation marks.
If your romance luck is strong, the golden heart will give you the item for free!
2º If you’re unlucky, you really have to practice your romance better.
Unfortunately, you have to wait for another 24 hours before you can try again.
3º But if you are impatient and you NEED THE THING NOW, you can buy the item from  the vendor for only 50L, woohoo!

Good Look!

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